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Hot Smoke Barbecue Hardware

My Weber Barbecues - the little one and the fat one

Here's the barbeques I use to get my meat sizzling (or burning... ;o)

- Weber 18.5" (47cm) Gold Kettle Grill ("the little one")

- Weber 22.5" (57cm) Gold Kettle Grill ("the fat one")

Juancho's Double Grill

Photo of Juancho's Double Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. Whereas Juancho's Split Grill will increase capacity and improve performance of your Weber Grill, Juancho's Double Grill will double the indirect grilling and hot smoking capacity.

Juancho's Split Grill

Photo of Juancho's Split Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. To obtain sustained lower heat and improved temperature control, and to increase the grate area and be able to accommodate more meat or larger cuts, I developed an improved hot smoking method whereby the Weber Grill is set up for indirect grilling on one side.

Marking Your Weber for Better Performance

Photo of Bottom Ventilation Markings on Weber Gold Kettle Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. By marking the open, close and middle positions of the bottom vent holes of your Weber Gold barbecue you obtain better temperature control during hot smoking.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Just Some BBQ Smokers:

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

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