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Bbq Tips and Tricks

Discover how to get the best out of your backyard with these barbecue tricks and tips:

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Barbecue Tricks

Juancho's Split Grill

Photo of Juancho's Split Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. To obtain sustained lower heat and improved temperature control, and to increase the grate area and be able to accommodate more meat or larger cuts, I developed an improved hot smoking method whereby the Weber Grill is set up for indirect grilling on one side.

Marking Your Weber for Better Performance

Photo of Bottom Ventilation Markings on Weber Gold Kettle Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. By marking the open, close and middle positions of the bottom vent holes of your Weber Gold barbecue you obtain better temperature control during hot smoking.

Juancho's Double Grill

Photo of Juancho's Double Grill by Blue Smoke BBQ. Whereas Juancho's Split Grill will increase capacity and improve performance of your Weber Grill, Juancho's Double Grill will double the indirect grilling and hot smoking capacity.

Advantages of Charcoal Briquettes

Photo of Charcoal Briquettes by Blue Smoke BBQ. Learn how I found out the hard way that with briquettes it is easier to control and maintain the fire and temperature inside the barbecue than when using regular "lump" charcoal.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

About Hot Smoking and Indirect Grilling

About Hot Smoking

Photo of Barbecue set up for Hot Smoking with Charcoal Briquettes and Smoke Wood - by Blue Smoke BBQ. On this page you'll find the difference between hot smoking and cold smoking, info on the use of charcoal, and tips on how to use smoking wood and which tree it should come from.

About Indirect Grilling

Photo of Barbecue set up for Indirect Grilling - by Blue Smoke BBQ. Check out how during "indirect grilling" the meat is roasted by the hot gasses of the fire, at medium temperature, and as far away as possible from the direct radiation heat of the flames.

Advantages of Indirect Grilling and Hot Smoking

Photo of Grilling Spare Ribs and a Boston Butt by Blue Smoke BBQ. Discover the advantages of indirect grilling in combination with hot smoking, such as juicier meat, a special smoky taste, no toxic fumes or charring of meat, plenty of time, etc. etc.

Blue Smoke BBQ Methods and Procedures

Photo of Grilling a Boston Butt by Blue Smoke BBQ. Discover our typical procedure for hot smoking on the barbecue grill. While your barbecue stands there smoking for a couple of hours: relax. Have another beer, make a nice salad, set the table, whatever.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Meat Preparation Tips

Double Vinegar Bath for Chicken or Other Meat

Picture of naked chicken after a bath in vinegar water in preparation for the oven or bbq. My friend Eddy washes his bbq chicken in water and vinegar. He's got a point:
The vinegar will clean, desinfect and tenderize the meat, and will allow the dry rub or marinade to penetrate better and deeper into the meat, thus improving taste and texture.

How To Prepare Your Spareribs for the Grill

Photo of the removal of the tough membrane from the hollow side of a pork rib slab. On this page you will discover how you can prepare your favoured pork spare ribs to make them taste even better and to achieve really beautiful barbecue spareribs!

How to Butterfly a Leg of Lamb

Photo of Butterflied Leg of Lamb by Blue Smoke BBQ. By butterflying a leg of lamb you get a thinner piece of meat which will shorten cooking time by a factor 2 or more. You will also increase the effectiveness of a marinade or dry rub.

Photo of Korean Marinade by Hot Smoke BBQ.

Barbecue Ingredients

No good barbecue without good ingredients!

Blue Smoke Barbecue Spices

Juanita's Original Indian Spices Tin By adding herbs and spices we can make our barbecue cooking taste better. Herbs and spices can also help us to add a particular theme to a barbecue dinner or barbecue party. Chinese, for example. Or the Old West Chuckwagon!

Blue Smoke Barbecue Herb Garden

Photo of Barbeque Herbs by Blue Smoke BBQ. If you fire up your barbeque quite often, and if you like to flavour your sauces, salads, meats and other dishes yourself, it will be absolutely worthwhile to grow your own fresh barbeque herbs!

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

Keep Smokin' !