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Our Typical Barbecue Method

For our barbecue method you need a grill that can be closed, like for example a Weber grill. Our typical procedure for hot smoking on the barbecue grill is as follows, roughly...

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You buy a whole chicken, or a bunch of nice chicken legs, or a whole turkey, a whole pork shoulder or Boston butt, a leg of lamb, or something like that;


Stick the meat in a marinade or put a dry mix of herbs and spices ("dry rub") onto it;


Set up the barbecue for indirect grilling, light the charcoal briquettes, and once the coals are glowing nicely in the barbecue, add some smoking wood to create smoke;


Stick the meat on the grill, close the lid;


At this point in time, just have a seat and enjoy yourself while the smoke and the heat do their job.

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Time to Relax

Sliert Blauwe Rook... While your Weber barbecue or other closed barbecue stands there smoking for a couple of hours: relax. Have another beer, enjoy the sun, shake a cocktail, make a nice salad, set the table, watch the game, have yet another beer, whatever.

Yes, I just love that thin whisp of Hot Smoke floating through the garden. It gives piece of mind, actually it's better than psycho-therapy.

And if you have invited friends: light your barbecue together, watch that Hot Smoke together, relax, talk, exchange latest gossip, tell that tall story. Share an experience that everybody will remember for years.

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The Real Taste

And then, after all that hard relaxing, meditating, goofing off and enjoying, the reward: CHOW TIME!

Experience the real taste of barbecue. Whether it's chicken, pork, lamb, it doesn't matter. This smokey taste and smell can bring back memories of things or times that you had almost forgotten, or had forgotten completely. Or maybe even flash backs from a previous life, who knows...

Our friends are enjoying it very much as well. And it's contageous: three of them have their own Webers now. We are exchanging ideas and recipes. It's a really satisfying hobby, in every respect.

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