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Barbecue Advantages

The combination of indirect grilling and hot smoking has - amongst others - the following advantages:

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1 - Juicier Meat

As the meat cooks slowly, juices inside the meat have time to re-distribute to the skin. Overall, your cut of meat will remain more tender and juicy when compared to grilling directly above hot coals!

2 - Fine Smokey Taste

By adding chunks or chips of wood the meat will obtain that exquisite smokey taste!

3 - Plenty of Time

Because you won't have to check and monitor the meat all of the time, you have plenty of time for other things while you enjoy that lovely smell of smoke and roasting meat!

4 - Prevent Burning of Your Meat

Because of the relatively low temperature inside the barbecue the meat will cook slowly. Therefore it is possible to fully cook the inside of the meat while still keeping the outside a nice juicy brown!

5 - Avoid Toxic Fumes

Indirect grilling is safer for your health. As the meat is not located directly above the coals, there's no grease dripping into the fire, therefore the chances for toxic fumes will be minimal.

6 - Less Calories

By indirect grilling, food can be prepared without grease or cooking oil, thereby decreasing calories. (of course the author can't take any responsibility for you overeating yourself...)

7 - Less Salt Intake

Smoking is a way to add taste to your food. With the smokey taste added you should need less salt, which is better for your health.

8 - Economics

As the hot gasses stay inside the closed barbecue, and since the charcoal will only have to burn quite slowly, with this way of barbecue you will burn a relatively small amount of coal.

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