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Hot Smoke Red Coleslaw Recipe

The bite of this red coleslaw with pieces of apple goes very well with the robust taste of hot smoked meat like barbecue chicken or smoked spareribs. Finely chopped shallots and thin strips of red chile add a savory taste to this colourful raw vegetable salad.

This fast coleslaw recipe is easy to make while you got your meat smoking in the barbecue, and so leaves plenty of time for a nice cold one and a good conversation with your friends.

Better still, you could also make this easy salad recipe a few hours ahead. In this way you have no distraction at all while your meat is smoking, thus enabling you and your friends to solve all the problems in the world...

Hot Smoke BBQ - rode koolsla met stukjes appel

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Salad Ingredients

For this savory red cabbage salad you need the following ingredients:

4 Tablespoons
2 Tablespoons
1 Tablespoon
1 Tablespoon
1 Teaspoon
2 pinches
2 pinches
1 pound
Olive Oil (prefereably extra vierge)
White Balsamico Vinegar
Apple, diced
Shallots, finely chopped
red Chiles, seeds removed, cut in thin strips
Black Peppercorns, ground medium-coarse
Seasalt, ground medium-coarse
fresh Red Cabbage, cut into fine shreds

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Let's Make a Salad !

To fix this red coleslaw is really eazy peazy:

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Cabbage Facts

Ohio State University on cabbage:


Cabbage is rich in vitamin C: 1 cup shredded raw green cabbage has 22 mg of vitamin C;


Cabbage is a fair source of thiamin, riboflavin and potassium;


Cabbage is low in calories: 1 cup shredded raw green cabbage has only 24 calories;


The outer leaves of cabbage are also rich in nutrients;


Cabbage provides dietary fiber.

I just thought y'all were interested to know:

               Barbecue is good for your health!

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

The PitBoss Suggests:

This spicy red coleslaw combines very well with:

One chicken ready! Hot Smoke Grilled Chicken
Prepared in this way, even the cheapest chicken will taste excellent.

Hot Smoke Barbecue Fries Hot Smoke Barbecue Fries
Once you have tried these smoke-grilled potatoes, you won't be able to resist making them every time you see some spare space on you barbecue grate...

You don't like red cabbage? No problem:

Juanita's American Coleslaw Juanita's American Coleslaw
This salad is pretty robust and can be prepared a couple of hours in advance. It combines absolutely great with any meat from your barbecue.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

Keep Smokin' !