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Juancho's Mustard Rub 1

Barbecue is more art than science. And a really relaxing way to get through your week-end. While your kettle grill stands there smoking for a couple of hours you have plenty of time to have a drink and to chew over your sins.

It was during such considerations that I realized that ever since I was a child I've always been very fond of Pork with Mustard.

So, after a series of experiments and evaluations this simple yet beautiful spices mix has evolved. Since then, this sweet and spicy Mustard Dry Rub recipe has become one of the family's favourites, and not just on pork.

Juancho's Mustard Dry Rub

Juancho's Mustard Dry Rub

Hot Smoke Highway Chicken, treated with 2 tablespoons of Juancho's Mustard Rub "Juancho's Mustard Rub" is not just a tasty spare ribs dry rub, it also combines very well with chicken or lamb!

And as you might have thought, this mustard rub combines very well with Juancho's Honey-Mustard Glazing.

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Dry Rub Ingredients

This Hot Smoke BBQ mustard rub recipe is a mix of the following ingredients:

3 Tablespoons
4 Tablespoons
4 Tablespoons
8 Tablespoons
4 Tablespoons
Seasalt (no iodine)
Black Peppercorns (ground medium-coarse)
Garlic Powder
Brown Sugar (firmly packed)
Mustard Seed, ground medium coarse

Black Pepper Corns by Hot Smoke BBQ.

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Mix and Massage...

Quite simple: Put all ingredients in a non-reactive bowl and mix everything thoroughly. Break any lumps of brown sugar using the back of a spoon, or use your fingers.

Use about 2 to 3 tablespoons of rub for every 2 pounds (about 1 kilo) of meat.

The above will yield about 1.5 cup of dry rub. Put the remaining rub, if any, in an airtight jar or zip-lock bag. Stored in a cool and dark place it will keep for at least a couple of months.

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The PitMaster Suggests

Juancho's Mustard Rub goes very well together with pork or lamb, but also with chicken:

Hot Smoke Highway Chicken Hot Smoke Highway Chicken
Just imagine you have to scrape your chicken from the highway after it's been hit by a couple of 18-wheelers...

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Black Pepper Corns

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At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

Keep Smokin' !