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My Favourite Cookbooks

A good cookbook will tell you how to properly prepare your food. An excellent cook book will inspire and motivate you to try something new, to explore places where you've never been.

My wife and me, we share a passion for cookbooks. We've probably got a hundred or so, in English, Spanish and Dutch, covering beautiful food from all over the world.

Here's a few excellent cook books from our personal cookbook library. As you have an interest in food - otherwise you would probably not be reading here - you may already have some of these. If not, I can highly recommend them.



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Legends of Texas Barebecue Cookbook Legends of Texas Barbecue Cookbook
Robb Walsh

ISBN 0-8118-2961-8
Available at Amazon.com

holy smoke

The Big Book of North Carolina Barbecue

John Shelton Reed, Dale Volberg Reed and William McKinney

Without a doubt, this is one of the better barbecue books around. More than just a cook book, it's also a history book and a travel book. The lore, the food, the people - very inspiring.

"Holy Smoke" gives us a deep view into the fine barbecue traditions of North Carolina, exploring both the Piedmont and the Eastern cultures.

Written with humor, the book is filled with facts, interviews, historical anecdotes, inspiring illustrations, pit construction ideas, original barbecue recipes, and great side dishes.

Check out some of the great Holy Smoke recipes that we tried:

El Libro de la Cocina Mexicana El Libro de la Cocina Mexicana
Susanna Palazuelos & Marilyn Tausend & Ignacio Urquiza

ISBN 968-39-0758-X


Steven Raichlen

ISBN 0-7611-2015-7
or ISBN 0-7611-3133-7
Available at Amazon.com

Chinese Village Cookbook Chinese Village Cookbook
Rhoda Yee

ISBN 0-912738-07-3

Texas Cowboy Cooking Texas Cowboy Cooking
Tom Perini

ISBN 0-9713122-0-6
Available at Amazon.com

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How About YOUR Library?
Of course you will have your own favourite excellent cookbooks. The ones that inspire you, and that you read - or just browse - over and over again.

Please share your favourite titles with us, send us an email!

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