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Horny Toad Margarita

Mexican Barbecue Party Kickstarter

Photo of Horny Toad Margarita - by Hot Smoke BBQ. Aah, the Margarita... This fantastic Mexican cocktail is probably the most popular drink in the world. The Margarita recipe is a devine mix of Tequila, orange liquor and fresh lime juice. It is easy to make and results in a beautiful blend of flavours.

It is difficult not to fall in love with the Margarita cocktail. The taste of a well mixed Margarita has a bit of everything. It is a delicate balance of sweet, sour, bitter and salt, with neither of these dominating. And then there is the unique aroma of tequila...

This particular Margarita recipe is one of our all-time favourites.

Friends call this Margarita mix the "Horny Toad Margarita", referring to the Tequila Sauza "Hornitos", a 100% Agave Tequila, which is the main ingredient in this noble concoction.

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Margarita Ingredients

For this Horny Toad Margarita recipe you will need the following ingredients.

The quantities mentioned are sufficient for 4 great Margaritas, or 3 Super Margaritas.

5 fld. ounces
4 fld. ounces
6 fld. ounces
1 Tablespoon
Tequila Sauza Hornitos
Lime Juice *), freshly squeezed
Sea Salt, half course, no iodine
Lime Slices or Wedges *) (for decoration)
Ice cubes, coarsely crushed

*) For clarity, by "limes" we mean those round green lemons. (if you can't get limes, use lemons instead. The taste is not the same, but it's a whole lot better than nothing!)

Juancho's BBQ Tip  

For mixing Margaritas I use the "4-5-6 OTL Rule":

  • 4 parts ORANGE Liquor;
  • 5 parts TEQUILA;
  • 6 parts LIME Juice;

Try it! You will discover that Juancho's "456 Margarita Rule" will yield the best tasting Margaritas.

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Margarita Preparation

Shaking a proper Margarita goes as follows:

Salud, Amigos!

Juancho's BBQ Tip  

A word of caution here: The above quantities will yield 4 great Margaritas. Please note that each glass will contain more than 2 fld ounces of 80 proof liquor.

That's quite a drink! Handle with care, don't drink and drive!

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A Note about Tequila:

I know that some people consider tequila an inferior drink, driving men crazy, and causing gruesome hangovers.

This wrong image is probably caused by cheap "bulk tequila" that has nothing to do with the noble and exquisite drink that was developed with patience, hard labour, professional pride and tradition - and lots of love and passion - in the states of Jalisco and Tamaulipas in Mexico.

Photo of Don Julio Tequila Reposado My advise is simple:

Stay away from cheap tequila.

Buy the best available tequila you can afford.

And most important:

Enjoy, but don't drink more than you can handle!

Juancho's BBQ Tip

For maximum taste:

Serve your cocktails and longdrinks as COLD as possible!

Make sure that all your cocktail and longdrink ingredients, tools and glasses are as cold as possible before you start mixing.

Softdrinks, juices, lemons, glasses, shakers, stirrers, etc. go in the refrigerator.
Liquor can even be kept in the freezer!


Although this is a barbecue website, grown-ups are hereby fully authorized to use these beautiful longdrink recipes for any party.

Even if there isn't a barbecue within a mile!

However, in any event or circumstances: Drink responsibly, keep alcohol away from children, and never drink and drive!

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The friends of Hot Smoke BBQ have approved and certified these longdrink recipes, but only after extensive, repeated, thorough and passionate testing...

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Cocktails are great to kick start any party. After a few sips of a good cocktail everybody will get into the right mood.

Cocktails - General:

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Some things about alcohol to seriously consider:

Hot Smoke BBQ does not condone, approve or promote any excessive use of alcohol.

Enjoy your drink, but keep the party a party for everyone.
And never ever forget that Barbecues, Smokers and Grills are hot and potentially very dangerous!


- Keep children away from alcohol!

- Don't Drink and Drive!

At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

Keep Smokin' !