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The Original Mojito Recipe

Cool Mint - and a Cuban Aroma

Photo of Cuban Mojito Long Drink like made by my buddy Ricardo! The Mojito longdrink is the favourite of my friend Ricardo, and I fully understand why. This smooth and refreshing combination of rum and mint, lime and sugar, ice and sparkling soda water instantly takes us back to Cuba.

For Ricardo and me, the dry and spicy taste of Havana Club rum in an important factor. To us, this is the best Mojito recipe. A Bacardi Mojito is fine, and if Bacardi rum is all you have, use it! But a Bacardi Mojito lacks the yangof the original Cuban Havana Club Mojito.

Cuban Culture and Tradition

Cuba is a beautiful country, with pristine beaches, seas of azure, unspoiled nature, and lots of culture.

The Mojito is one of Cuba's cultural icons, together with the Cuban cigars and the rhythm of the Rumba, Guaguancó, Son, Bolero en Cha Cha Cha.

Although we've had the best Mojitos in Santiago de Cuba - especially the ones we got after Vicky's steaming salsa lessons - the "world headquarters" of the Mojito is La Bodeguita del Medio, a small bar in the old center of La Havana.

Photo of the barman and two thirsty clients (Ricardo and Juanita) in La Bodeguita del Medio, La Havana, Cuba Barman in La Bodeguita del Medio, La Havana, making Mojitos for two thirsty clients: Ricardo and Juanita.

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La Bodeguita was one of the favourite watering holes of Ernest Hemingway when he lived in Cuba in the fifties of the last century. There's even a sign in the bar testifying that this is the place where the thirsty writer drank his Mojito:

Picture of Wall Sign written by Ernest Hemingway in La Bodeguita del Medio, La Havana, Cuba

Here's the recipe:

Mojito Ingredients

For the original Cuban Mojito recipe you will need the following ingredients in a medium size cylindrical glass:

2 fld. ounces
3 stems
1-2 teaspoons
Havana Club Rum
("Añejo Especial" or "Añejo Blanco");
Lime *), cut into 4 wedges **);
fine Cane Sugar;
Ice Cubes ***);
Soda Water (or sparkling mineral water);

*) For clarity, by "lime" we mean that round green type of lemon. (if you can't get limes, use lemons instead. The taste is not the same, but it's better than nothing!)

**) In some places in Cuba the barman will use lime juice, but we always preferred the fresh lime squeezed in the glass giving you the full aroma of the peel as well.

***) Some Cuban barmen will use coarsely crushed ice. Whole ice cubes will last longer in the glass, leaving a stronger cocktail mix until the very end.

Photo of the Mojito Longdrinks as made by Ricardo for his amigos!

Note: Quality and size of limes and mint may vary, so you may want to adjust quantities on the spot to suit your taste.

Note: In some places the bartender may add his own "special" ingredients like for example Angostura Bitter. The taste of such longdrink may be OK or not, but it is definitely not a Mojito anymore!

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Mojito Preparation

Mojitos are great to kick-start any party!

Making a real Cuban Mojito longdrink goes as follows:

Salud, Ernesto!

****) Some barmen in Cuba will start with the lime (juice) and water and keep the rum for last. We preferred it when they started with the rum and poured the soda water as late as possible, leaving maximum fizz in the glass.

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A Note about Havana Club Rum:

I like Havana Club rum for its dry taste and unique spicy aroma.

For my American friends: don't worry too much about Havana Club, just use a dark Bacardi. While Havana Club is the prime Cuban rum, some of the other Cuban brands taste just like Bacardi.

Picture of the Bar at the Havana Club Museum, La Havana, Cuba Bar at the Havana Club Museum, La Havana, Cuba

Juancho's BBQ Tip

For maximum taste:

Serve your cocktails and longdrinks as COLD as possible!

Make sure that all your cocktail and longdrink ingredients, tools and glasses are as cold as possible before you start mixing.

Softdrinks, juices, lemons, glasses, shakers, stirrers, etc. go in the refrigerator.
Liquor can even be kept in the freezer!


Although this is a barbecue website, grown-ups are hereby fully authorized to use these beautiful longdrink recipes for any party.

Even if there isn't a barbecue within a mile!

However, in any event or circumstances: Drink responsibly, keep alcohol away from children, and never drink and drive!

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The friends of Hot Smoke BBQ have approved and certified these longdrink recipes, but only after extensive, repeated, thorough and passionate testing...

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Cocktails - General:

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Some things about alcohol to seriously consider:

Hot Smoke BBQ does not condone, approve or promote any excessive use of alcohol.

Enjoy your drink, but keep the party a party for everyone.
And never ever forget that Barbecues, Smokers and Grills are hot and potentially very dangerous!


- Keep children away from alcohol!

- Don't Drink and Drive!

At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

Keep Smokin' !