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Juancho's Double Grill

An Easy Way to Increase Weber Capacity!

First there was Juancho's Split Grill to increase capacity and improve performance of your Weber Grill. Now here is Juancho's Double Grill to double the indirect grilling and hot smoking capacity of your barbecue.

The concept for this elevated cooking grate is very simple: Buy an extra stainless steel cooking grate which is just a bit smaller than the cooking grate in your barbeque. Put this extra grate on 3 inch high stilts created from nuts and bolts.

You don't need welding equipment or a grade in mechanics to construct this Hot Smoke BBQ Elevated Grate. I bought all the parts in a hardware store and simply screwed everything together. You can do it!!! And this page shows you how to to it.

Photo of Juancho's Double Grill to increase capacity of a Weber grill.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Juancho's Double Grill in Action

Here you see 6 rib slabs loaded on the standard cooking grate of Juancho's Split Grill.

Photo of 6 rib slabs on a standard Juancho's Split Grill.

And here's an additional 8 rib slabs loaded on the elevated cooking grate of Juancho's Double Grill.

Photo of an extra 8 rib slabs on Juancho's Double Grill.

These ribs are Hot Smoke BBQ's Glazed Oriental Veal Spare Ribs. On the picture at the top, the elevated grate was temporarily removed - with meat and all - during mopping of the glazing sauce on the ribs at the lower grate.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

Juancho's Double Grill Construction

How to make an elevated cooking grate:

Here is the overall assembly of Juancho's Double Grill:

Photo of overall assembly of Juancho's Double Grill.

Here's how the spacer bolt is attached to the elevated cooking grate using 2 nuts and 2 large diameter washers. These bolts have a rounded head, large enough to prevent the legs of the upper grill from dropping through the bars of the lower grate.

Photo detail of spacer bolt attachment on Juancho's Double Grill.

Here, for clarity, the spacer bolt assembly:

Photo detail of spacer bolt attachment on Juancho's Double Grill.

For this double grill I used galvanized nuts and bolts. Of course stainless steel nuts and bolts would be much nicer and more durable, but are not strictly necessary.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

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