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Brazos Steak Rub

Like many of the barbecue herbs and spices that we use at Hot Smoke BBQ, the Brazos Steak Rub was inspired by the beautiful Legends of Texas Barbeque Cookbook written by Robb Walsh.

This savory Texas barbeque dry rub spices and herbs mix is meant for flavouring steaks and barbecue beef roast, like for example a nice and juicy Boneless Ribeye or Cube Roll.

Photo of Brazilian ribeye, or cube roll, ready to receive the Brazos Beef Rub.

Brazos dry rub - ready to cover a whole ribeye...

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Beef Rub Ingredients

This Hot Smoke BBQ Brazos beef rub recipe consists of the following herbs and spices mix:

1 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoons
1 Teaspoons
Sea Salt (no iodine), ground medium course;
Black Peppercorns, ground medium-coarse;
Sweet Paprika Powder
Garlic Powder
Rosemary, fresh, cut very fine;
Cummin Seeds, ground;

The above quantities of barbecue herbs and spices will yield 2 tablespoons of Brazos dry rub, which should be enough to cover 4 to 5 pounds of beef.

Photo of Ingredients of the Brazos Dry Rub for Texas Beef Barbeque.

Brazos Steak Rub ingredients
Barbecue spices and herbs mixture, from upper left, clockwise:
Paprika powder, ground Cummin, finely cut fresh Rosemary, Garlic powder, ground Black Pepper Corns;
Center: ground Sea Salt;

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Preparation & Application

Mix and Massage...


Put all barbecue dry rub ingredients together in a non-reactive bowl and mix thoroughly;


Put the beef on a dry and clean surface or large bowl;

To make the dry rub stick better to the meat you could massage a teaspoon of cooking oil over the surface of the meat;


Photo of Cube Roll, after a gentle dry rub massage. Sprinkle the Brazos rub over all sides of the meat, then massage the rub into the meat, making sure all sides - and especially all crevices - are evenly covered;

As a guideline, use 2 tablespoons of Brazos Dry Rub for a 4 to 5 lbs cut of meat.

You could use some more, but be aware that if you use too much dry rub, the meat will turn out too salty.

Hot Smoke BBQ Charcoal Briquettes

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Black Pepper Corns

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At Hot Smoke BBQ we love Chile Peppers!

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