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Korean Satay Sauce Recipe

We're not sure if this name "Korean Satay sauce recipe" is really appropriate, or if anybody in Korea ever makes this sauce, but it is based on our Bool Kogi inspired Korean Beef Marinade, it is really very easy to prepare, and it is absolutely delicious.

This spicy peanut sauce recipe is perfect company for Korean Beef Satay. It also makes a perfect dipping sauce served with pieces of cucumber and onion.

Picture of Korean Satay Sauce by Hot Smoke BBQ. Korean Satay Sauce

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For this Korean satay sauce recipe you will need the following ingredients:

2 cups
4-6 tablespoons
2-6 tablespoons
Korean Beef Marinade
Peanut Butter

The above quantities will yield about 2 cups of satay sauce.

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Photo of Korean Marinade by Hot Smoke BBQ.


Preparation of this Korean satay sauce recipe is dead easy:


Prepare Korean Beef Marinade, use to marinade beef, and - after you've taken out the beef - pour the remaining marinade in a small saucepan;


Bring to the boil to sterilize, turn heat to low;


Add peanut butter and stir until you have a smooth sauce;


Stir in a couple of tablespoons of water until sauce has nice consistency;


Serve warm.

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The PitBoss Suggests:

Serve this spicy satay sauce with slices of cucumber and pieces of onion or spring onion, and of course Korean Beef Satay.

Korean Beef Satay

Photo of Korean Beef Satay by Blue Smoke BBQ. You will discover that this satay recipe is quite easy to make, and the result is beautiful fragrant beef grilled on a stick. And then there is the spicy satay sauce!

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